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Home Western Blended 1-Kote Premium Sanded Gray - 80 lb Bag

Western Blended 1-Kote Premium Sanded Gray - 80 lb Bag

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About this item

Western 1-Kote Premium Sanded is designed to be an upgraded product for one coat wall systems. Western 1-Kote Premium Sanded is a cement plaster that only requires water at the jobsite. Western 1-Kote Premium Sanded may also be used over wood or gypsum backing and may be utilized for a scratch and / or brown coat application for a conventional stucco system.  It is available in a “regular” as well as a “premium” blend. This product is currently manufactured in different regions and attributes may vary. Check with your supplier for more information.  

The base coat is designed to be mixed with a fixed quantity of water (unlike traditional one coat products where the water varies due to the moisture content of the bulk sand.) By eliminating the variables of field mixing - every bag, every batch and every wall - are the best quality available in the industry.​

Features & Benefits
  • Feature: The mix is designed to be workable with a reduced amount of water.
  • Benefit: Reduced water content increases early strength, overall strength and reduces shrinkage cracking.
  • Feature: No field batching of sand.
  • Benefit: Detrimental effects of poor sand and too much sand are eliminated.
  • Feature: Western 1-Kote Premium Sanded is blended with stucco grade aggregate in lieu of low cost-dry bulk sands.
  • Benefit: Every bag, every batch and every wall have the potential to develop maximum strength and durability.

80 lbs bag

Make & Model
Brand ---
Part # ---
Color Family White
Certifications & Standards
TAA/BAA Compliant 1
Packaging Dimensions
Height 7.800

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